About ekspert

We specialize in payrolling, accounting and HR administration, putting our “ekspertise” to work for businesses that are looking to outsource these functions partially or entirely. We offer Saas-driven ERP solutions powered by the Abacus software platform and hosted remotely or on-site.

Accounting services

Accounting services

We’ll handle all your accounting in real time.

Just send us your receipts, bills and all the rest as it comes in, and we’ll keep your financials up to the minute.


Payrolling services

Payrolling services

Let us handle your payrolling, so your HR team can focus on your people, not on the admin!


Admin Pack

Admin Pack

Streamline all your company’s HR-related admin with our Admin Pack, which will manage everything relating to employment benefits, social security, and all other forms of employment insurance.


What sort of collaboration is best for you?

A practical approach

Each client organization defines exactly how they’ll work with ekspert



SMEs (small- and medium-sized businesses)

Is accounting your core area of expertise? If not, why stress your people out with something they’re not comfortable with and that takes up too much of their time? Instead, turn more of your organization’s time into billable hours by focusing on what you do best. We’ll worry about the accounting, providing you perfect visibility on your financials and business trend and leaving you free to grow your revenues.

Our accounting service offering


Large corporates and international organizations

Is your organization sharpening its focus on controlling costs and boosting employee efficiency? Get your people back to adding value, and let us handle your payroll –and all the admin that goes with it.

Our service offering


I personally value you as one of my most professional and important business partners and I want to thank you for the excellent collaboration. I know I can count on your commitment and engagement when I need it and I trust you as a business partner.- Marcel - Executive Relations Manager
I am not sure if I tell you often enough, but I really appreciate you and all that you do for us. Your customer service is stellar and I would recommend ekspert and especially you to anyone that asks !- Karen, payroll manager
Un grand MERCI ! Vous avez réduit le temps nécessaire chaque année pour le calcul et la saisie de 2 jours à 2h ! Waouh, ça m'a presque fait peur tellement cela a été facile... Quand on a pas l'habitude, c'est déroutant que les choses se fassent d'elles-mêmes ou presque... 🙂- Laure, directrice finance et comptabilité.

The ekspert philosophy

We believe people should love their jobs, and in fact, at ekspert we are passionate about accounting and payrolling.

Our clients can tell we’re having fun, and that’s how we like it.


Our people

Our team comprises over 40 specialists in payrolling and accounting working in Switzerland, Liechstenstein, Germany and Austria. We put our experience and diverse skills-sets to work for each and every client.


Our commitment to the environment

Go paperless and plant trees! We reward companies and organizations that replace snail-mailed paper salary slips with our paperless solution, My HR eBox.


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