Abacus ERP will facilitate your company or organization’s admin. It’s available as SaaS (software as a service) either on-site or remotely hosted. Its flexible suite of modules can cover all your needs.

Abacus G4

Abacus G4

This web-based version provides you anytime, anywhere access to all your accounting.

Only pay for what you use

Only pay for what you use

With Abacus ERP you only use – and pay for – the functions your company needs. It’s 100% customizable.

Cloud-based accounting is great…but private cloud-based accounting is even better!

Cloud-based accounting is great…but private cloud-based accounting is even better!

Harness the full potential of SaaS with a private cloud solution. This can be either housed on site or hosted remotely.

Do you know Abacus G4 ?

We’ll only recommend something to our clients if we know it and really believe in it – and we really believe in Abacus vi.
Our longstanding partnership with Abacus means we can accompany you every step of the way as you get up to speed using the platform. Or if you prefer, we can simply handle your accounting, payrolling and HR admin for you.



AbaWeb is Switzerland’s most popular enterprise resource planning solution and is available in the SaaS model, which means you can access your ERP from anywhere and at anytime via the Cloud. At ekspert we ensure that your Cloud is private and hosted within Switzerland.
Your Abacus ERP user fees are billed monthly. There is no upfront licensing fee or hardware purchase expenses. You simply access your ERP via the web.

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With this option your ERP is hosted on-site, at your company or organization. It works just like any of the software on your server. This option combines the security of private hosting on your own hardware with all the advantages of the SaaS model.
We handle installation and maintenance, and also make our “ekspertise” available to your people should they have any questions or encounter any issues while using the software.

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SaaS makes it possible to handle your firm’s ERP in real time. Everything’s instantly available, anytime, anywhere, from any device. It’s all on the Cloud, just a click away via a 100% secure connection.


A practical approach

Each client organization defines exactly how they’ll work with ekspert

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